We create our culture and vision with STians.


  • SERVANT MIND : We all play a servant role

    One requirement of the ST Culture is believing that we are free by becoming servants to each other. All of our employees strive to help each other. We have a corporate-wide meeting every Monday morning. All employees, regardless of position or working division can openly share their opinions or make objections. It is a rule of thumb that all employees, regardless of their departments, work together and cooperate to help with large events. Our servant culture is largely reflected in events held at test sites.

  • THOUGHTFULNESS : We do work that people appreciate

    Since the company’s establishment in 2010, the key reason behind the rapid development of ST Unitas is simple. We provided high-quality contents which were recognized and appreciated by the customers. In the initial stages of Gongdangi, we met over 100 students to conduct a focus group interview to seek ‘what was really necessary’, and the same motivation enabled us to change the industry. We even introduced the first A/B test room to optimize usability. In order to maximize customer value, STian continues to observe and interview customers. The outcome, the end product is the currently existing 75 Dangi brands.

  • INNOVATION : We innovate continuously

    ST Unitas is a company that succeeded as a startup. Although the company has changed significantly, it has not lost its initial pursuit for innovation. Anyone who is a STian receives the title of “Director”. With the company’s support, we strive independently to innovate and meet the responsibility that comes with the title of Director. We hold monthly Best Practice Exhibitions where employees can review and share their work results and therefore form the basis for innovation. These efforts lay the foundation for innovation which can make a difference in the world.

  • SPEED : Speed is a basic principle for all tasks

    To expedite speed, we eliminate all barriers between ourselves, our customers, and our employees. We go directly on-site to find answers and make continuous tests and improvements to enhance the quality of our service. The same theory applies to the ST Unitas' culture. Employees meet with top management directly at town hall meetings, discuss future company directions, and seek solutions. All employees gathered to hold The ST NEXT 2.0 vision ceremony in order to share the future of ST and advance at a rapid pace. Speed is what enables ST Unitas to become “the Fastest Rocket in Korea"