We operate diverse systems to promote happiness and growth.

Learning STians

  • Day-1 Program

    This is the first on-boarding program for STians who have just joined the company. The program provides an overview of the company by introducing the organization, relevant HR information, and culture.

  • Book Learning

    Book Learning is an online book reading program with various courses from which each STian can choose. All STians who want to read and study books of the most recent trend are all welcome to register for the program.

  • STian Free Pass

    Free Pass is an unlimited access to an online course provided by ST Unitas, and in order to encourage self-development and growth, STians can apply for 2 Free Passes per year. Online courses include foreign language, job-related skills, certifications, and etc.

  • ST OKR

    To promote STians to set bold targets and achieve remarkable results, ST Unitas applies the ST OKR. Results are shared company-wide via Best Practice Exhibition where Stians are able to provide direct feedback.


  • Holiday Bonus

    On Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok(Thanksgiving), STians receive a special holiday bonus.

  • Birthday half day off

    Provide a half day off on your birthday to help you spend happy times with your loved ones, friends and family.

  • ST Vacation

    To have STians refresh and recharge themselves, the company provides 2 weeks of paid vacation for every three years of employment.

  • Leave For Mom

    Mothers are given one month of vacation when a child enters elementary school so that they can take their child to school.

  • Team Building Support

    Team refreshments are paid by the company to promote team building.

  • Congratulation / Condolence Pay

    When congratulations and condolence events happen, we give holiday. Also, we express congratulations or condolences by sending the heart of the gift.