Something wonderful worth betting your life on awaits you.

Who We Are

The ST Unitas that we believe in is not a company which aims to increase sales levels and pursues profit. We exist to change the industry, make the world a better place, and be No. 1 on a global scale. We strive to become people who retain a sense of soul and look forward to meeting and working with people who share the same values.

People who create outstanding output.
People who work twice as hard to discover ‘what customers really need and want’.
People who work with owner awareness and motivate others.
People who assist others and develop together based on consideration.
People who are open-minded to learning and sharing knowledge.
People who are sociable and constantly provide ‘hopeful and positive energy’.

Recruiting Process

The driving force of ST Unitas does not derive from ordinary ideas. We believe that everything we create impacts someone’s life.
We hope that you take part in meaningful work which is worth betting your life in by becoming a member of ST Unitas.

  • STEP 1. Application
  • STEP 2. Stage Screening Interview
  • STEP 3. Stage In-depth Interview
  • STEP 4. Final CEO Interview

* The ST Unitas Career website is currently under preparation. Please send your resume and application inquiries to
* Any resumes submitted will be used only for recruiting purposes and any submitted documents will not be returned.
* Acceptance or employment can be cancelled should any academic or career information in the resume be falsely recorded.