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Press 2018. 04. 19
ST Unitas, the Amazon of Education Industry Expands Business Providing Services for All Age Groups

ST Unitas, founded in 2010, is an education company widely known for its Dangi brands, such as Gongdangi (test prep service for public servant exams) and many other products. Dangi brands provide test prep services which promise customers high scores within the shortest time possible, as the word Dangi means short period in Korean.


ST Unitas first became famous for its Gongdangi services which focuses on offering strategies that help people preparing for public servant exams to achieve high scores within a short period of time. The education company is now gaining attention as it is broadening its services by launching “Kids Schole”, a children’s book brand, as well as by acquiring The Princeton Review, a test prep company based in the US.


In less than ten years, a startup with only four employees have grown in to a company employing 1,200 people and recording an annual sales of 400 billion Korean won. ST Unitas realized such dramatic growth by offering “Freepass”, which is similar to passes used in amusement parks. Freepass gives customers the opportunity to take various classes at a much more affordable price. Now the education company is expanding beyond its Dangi brands by offering education services for all age groups.


As ST Unitas is broadening its business across all areas of education by overcoming the barriers of existing education giants, it is referred to as the Amazon of the education industry. ST Unitas is quite similar to Amazon, which started off as an online bookstore but is now the world’s largest Internet retailer.


Among ST Unitas’ businesses, the most eye-catching service is CONECTS, a knowledge platform which was first beta launched in August last year. CONECTS enables customers to have easy access to some 70 brands of ST Unitas by integrating them into a single platform.  


ST Unitas explained, “The reason why the company developed CONECTS is to build a knowledge ecosystem where all knowledge throughout the world is gathered in order to promote a virtuous cycle of both knowledge creation and consumption.”  


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