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Press 2018. 07. 20
ST Unitas Obtains Edutech Patent for New Internet Device
  • No more worries for parents when children use their new Internet devices for online courses since games, chatting and other contents impeding students from studying are limited.
  • Equipped with a touch bar, the new device offers quick and easy control over video courses enabling students to save time and enhance efficiency.


July 20th, 2018

ST Unitas, South Korea’s leading edutech company, announced on July 20th that the company has obtained a patent for a technology which was applied to develop a new tablet PC for viewing online courses.  


The new tablet PC provides optimal learning environment for students viewing online courses as it offers a touch bar, making it more convenient to view videos. Also, contents such as games that can distract students from studying are blocked.


Compared to mobile phones or other multi-purpose tablet PCs, which many students used for viewing online lectures, the new device developed by ST Unitas enhances learning efficiency of students by helping them save time via touch bars when playing, skipping, pausing, capturing, or searching their online lectures.


This device inhibits users from downloading applications irrelevant to learning such as games, chatting, etc., and therefore blocks contents which may distract students from studying.


Sewon Cho, Vice CEO of ST Unitas, remarked, “The device and patented technology was originally developed to provide a better learning environment for students and enhance their efficiency. The team did not expect to have the technology patented, and that’s why the result was a pleasant surprise for all of the team members. As the leading edutech company in South Korea, ST Unitas is committed to investing both financial and human resources in technological development.”