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Press 2018. 07. 16
ST Unitas Launches Online Tutoring and Worksheet Service for Elementary Students


  • Online tutoring service, aimed at overcoming the limits of offline tutoring, includes high quality contents such as “Study Methodology of the Top 1% Elementary Students” developed by Mr. Sungtae Kang (known as the God of Studying in South Korea) and contents taught in Daechidong (where the most prominent offline institutions in South Korea are located).
  • Online tutoring sessions were designed to have multiple students taught by one tutor rather than a one-on-one session in order to reduce the price by 80%, and thereby realize the corporate vision to offer the educational opportunity enjoyed by the top 1% to the remaining 99%.
  • Math worksheets for elementary students were developed in collaboration with the cream of the crop among offline math institutions in Daechidong. Other subjects such as reading comprehension, science and social studies will be added.



July 16th, 2018

CONECTS Kids’ Schole, an education brand of ST Unitas for young children and elementary students, announced that it has launched “Daily Daechidong”, composed of online tutoring service and worksheets for students.


ST Unitas, has successfully applied its edutech to launch online worksheet services for elementary students, thereby entering the two trillion won market in South Korea. As the worksheets are offered online, students no longer face time and space constraints.


“Daily Daechidong” is an online tutoring service based on the contents developed in Daechidong, a district within Seoul famous for its educational zeal as well as high quality and expensive tutors. As the service enables multiple students to be tutored at the same time by one teacher, more students are able to benefit from top quality tutors of Daechidong at a much more affordable price. Kids’ Schole, in cooperation with Mr. Sungtae Kang, who is known as the God of Studying in South Korea, developed the “Study Methodology of the Top 1% Elementary Students” by analyzing 500 students with high level of academic achievement to identify in what environment and how they studied. The new methodology was applied to the learning materials and curriculum of Daily Daechidong.


Daily Daechidong currently provides math education services for first to fourth grade elementary school students, and more subjects will be provided in the near future such as reading comprehension, social studies, and science. Contents used for math education services were developed with the most prominent offline math academy in Daechidong where only a small number of top-notch students are able to register. Students who have studied at this academy have won international mathematics competitions and were admitted to schools for gifted children.


Students using this new service will be taught by tutors who have graduated from the best universities or graduate schools of education in South Korea. The tutors will be monitoring their students on a daily basis to check how much progress they have made. As the students receiving tutoring services will be grouped with other students of similar academic level, this will further motivate them to study harder as they will be more likely to compete against each other.



Photo of Daily Daechidong tutoring session offered by Kids’ Schole. The screen is designed to carry out tutoring sessions with one tutor and four students.


ST Unitas, through extensive research and numerous tests, successfully developed a video tutoring session player in order to deliver an innovative online group tutoring service. The screen is designed to have four students taught by one tutor, and students can also see each other real-time enabling them to observe how others are studying. This environment encourages students to study harder.


Moreover, students are able to take pictures of what they don’t understand and share this with their tutor by using the “Capture” function. There also various other functions such as “Timer” which is the number of minutes or seconds within the student is required to solve the problem, “Presentation” that enables each student to give a presentation, and “Student Screen Control” which can be used by the tutor to control the screen shown to each student.


Myoungji Seo, Vice CEO of ST Unitas, said, “By applying the state of the art edutech, Kids’ Schole was able to innovate both contents and price of our services in the elementary worksheet market which was stagnant for too long. The contents which was accessible only in Daechidong as well as the study methodology of the top 1% students will help many more students to become self-directed learners.”