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Press 2018. 08. 02
ST Unitas Launches Online Group Tutoring for Middle & High School Students


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ST Unitas Launches Online Group Tutoring for Middle & High School Students



  • The much anticipated online tutoring classes for middle and high school students were sold out instantly.
  • Tutoring is carried out in small groups of three students led by one teacher, an environment which encourages healthy competition, higher level of concentration and efficiency.
  • More affordable and convenient in terms of time and space compared to in-person tutoring, realizing the vision of ST Unitas to provide the education opportunity of the top 1% to the remaining majority of 99%.



August 2nd, 2018


ST Unitas, one of the most notable edutech companies in the world, has recently launched an online group tutoring service which overcomes the limitations in time and space of in-person tutoring.


The new online group tutoring classes offered by ST Unitas enables middle and high school student across South Korea to take the same classes previously provided in face-to-face tutoring. The services is also differentiated from other similar classes as students are “managed” by their teachers as they are continuously monitored and tracked. One teacher leads a small group of three students in each class, and various educational technologies of ST Unitas are deployed to further reduce limitations in time and space, and realize an environment where levels of concentration and efficiency are maximized.


The online group tutoring classes motivate students by closely tracking their progress, and to maintain that level of motivation a “three strikes rule” is applied. Absence without notices, incomplete homework, failure to take test, etc. will result in warnings to the relevant student, and students who receive three warnings are no longer able to participate in the group tutoring class.


Based on mock tutoring sessions for middle and high school students, a small group of three students taught by one instructor was found to have the highest level of concentration. As a result, through countless tests and researches, ST Unitas successfully developed the optimal video player. The device is equipped with various functions that helps students including the following; 1) “stopwatch” enables students to complete a set of questions within the time limit, 2) “presentation” raises the level of focus and tension of students making presentations , and 3) “students’ screen control” is used by teachers to help students better concentrate in class and on teaching materials.


Mr. Hyungjun Park, Vice CEO of ST Unitas, remarked, “The recently launched online group tutoring well reflects the founding vision of ST Unitas which is to provide the education opportunity enjoyed by the top 1% to the remaining 99%. The company really look forwards to helping students by offering this product as it enables students across South Korea to have access to highly qualified teachers regardless without being limited by time or location.” 


More detailed information on ST Unitas’ online group tutoring for middle and high school students can be found on CONECTS website.