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Press 2018. 08. 10
ST Unitas Releases Online Study Group with On-Track Support Services

Online Study Group that Keeps Students on Track

ST Unitas Releases Online Study Group with On-Track Support Services


  • Diversifying online products by launching online study group soon after online group tutoring.
  • “Camstudy” is a video camera which records studying students and shares this real time, offering monitoring and supervision functions.
  • Other on-track support services which help students focus on their studies include attendance monitoring and penalties




August 10th, 2018


ST Unitas, the leading edutech company in South Korea, announced its release of an online study group product which provides on-track support services by tracking and supervising students.


The newly launched product provides stronger tracking and supervising functions by streaming live video of students studying.


ST Unitas carried out an in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of study groups, and went on to develop various functions to improve the structure and efficiency of online study groups. Stringent attendance checks prohibits students from entering the study group via system even when they are late by just one minute, and students are forbidden from leaving before the study group session is over.


Also, as a supervisor monitors the study group in real time, students who fail to abide by the rules such as leaving the study group without permission or refusing to concentrate face penalties. As a result, study group members become more responsible and focused on their studies.


Mr. Hyungjun Park, Vice CEO of ST Unitas, explained, “We were able to develop and launch the service with confidence, as students were really enthusiastic about our previous service, online group tutoring, and the company was also focused on diversifying its online products based on edutech. The new service not only reflects the recent trends of students studying together online such as studystagram and camstudy (studying together online via real time video camera), but also encourages healthy competition and motivation to study.”    


Detailed information regarding online study group launched by ST Unitas can be found on websites of CONECTS and